Types of golf cart batteries

If you have an electric golf cart, by now you must have realized the importance of golf cart batteries for working on the cart. In fact, batteries are believed to be the heart of a golf cart. If you do not know how many types of golf cart batteries exist. Never mind, this article is to help.

You might have seen cars using single batteries; however, this is not the case with golf cart batteries. These batteries are found in 6 volts, 8 volts or 12 volts. You can combine total voltage given by each battery to calculate total voltage required by a golf cart.

A 36-volt cart may have six 6 volt batteries, while 48-volt golf cart generally has an eight 6 volt batteries and six 8 volt batteries. More voltage leads to more power and longer services.

Electric golf cart batteries
There are particular kinds of batteries made to be used in an electric golf cart. Batteries used in an electric golf cart functions differently to the car batteries. Batteries utilized by an electric golf cart should store enough power to move a vehicle. It is recommended to recharge the batteries after every use.

Deep cycle batteries
A deep cycle battery can discharge and require charging many a time during their lifespan. They supply a steady current in an extended period of their use. They do not produce brief bursts of high current over a short span of time like a car battery does. Moreover, deep cycle batteries have thicker plates comparatively to automotive batteries.

Trojan batteries
Golf courses commonly use Trojan batteries. They have been used since 1952. Trojan batteries are reliable, durable and trusted by many. It offers golf cart batteries that are sealed absorbent glass mat (AGM), GEL batteries and deep cycle wet batteries. More interesting here is that AGM and GEL batteries require no maintenance.

Survival of golf cart batteries relies on their use, maintenance and periodical charging and temperature they are stored in. A typical golf cart battery can last for good 2 to 7 years.