Top 6 cell phone plans of 2021

No matter how impressive your new smartphone is, it may not be worthwhile if you don’t have the right cell phone plan. Anyone shopping for a cell phone plan is likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of network carriers and individual phone plans. The right network carrier and plan can be different for different individuals, based on various factors. Here, we’ve listed some of the best cell phone plans for you.

Mint Mobile – 4GB, $15/month
Network carrier Mint Mobile is known for providing excellent services at incredibly low prices. It’s currently offering 4GB of high-speed data, along with unlimited voice calls and texts, for just $15 per month. 4GB data each month may be enough for those who only need mobile internet for a little bit of social media, online search engines, and less data-intensive apps. Mint Mobile offers the said cell phone plan to new customers for the first three months, post which they need to pay for 12 months to retain the $15/month cost.

T-Mobile – Essentials Unlimited, $60/month
T-mobile is one of the three major carriers in the country. Its Essential plan provides unlimited data at $60 per month for one line, which is the cheapest among big network carriers. Not to mention, you’ll get to enjoy T-Mobile’s strong 5G network. Unlimited data refers to 50GB of high-speed data or Premium Data per month. If you exhaust Premium Data in less than a month, you’ll have to manage with slow-speed data for the remainder of the month. Nevertheless, it’s a great option for many heavy users.

Google Fi – Flexible, No data, $20/month
Google Fi is becoming increasingly popular in the country. Its Flexible plan offers unlimited calls and text at $20 per month for a single line. If you want to use data, you’ll have to pay an extra $10 per GB. It’s a great option for users who don’t need mobile data or want only a little data for web browsing and checking emails. Another advantage of the Google Fi Flexible cell phone plan is that there are no contracts and activation fees, which makes it affordable than many other plans.

Verizon – Do More, Unlimited, $80/month
Here’s a cell phone plan for those who always want to stay connected and don’t want to worry about data overage. Verizon, one of the fastest wireless networks in the country, is offering unlimited data at $80 per month for a single line in its Do More plan. With 70% nationwide coverage, Verizon has the best 4G LTE coverage. The $80/month plan also includes access to Verizon’s growing 5G service.

Visible – Party Pay, Unlimited, $25/month
If you’re looking to buy a plan with your family or friends, the Party Pay plan from Visible can help you save big. If four people sign up for the plan, each person needs to pay only $25 per month for unlimited data, calls, and texts. You can also get started with less than four people and save a decent amount. And, since Visible runs on Verizon’s top-notch 4G LTE network, you don’t need to worry about connectivity.

AT&T Prepaid, 8GB, $25/month
Looking for a prepaid plan from one of the major carriers? AT&T can be an excellent choice. If you prepay $300 at once for the whole year, you’ll get to enjoy 8GB of high-speed data each month at $25/month. One significant advantage of this AT&T plan is that your unused data rolls over to next month, so you’re not obliged to use up the entire 8GB of data in a month.