Top 5 roofing companies in the country

A good roof is crucial to the house and its members. It is absolutely necessary that the roof is durable. However, since a roof lasts a long time, people overlook its maintenance until it has incurred damage. Whether your roof is damaged beyond repair or can be fixed with some minor alterations, you would want one of the following experts to take care of it.

CMR Construction and roofing
CMR Construction and Roofing is one of the most common choices when it comes to roofing solutions. The company was established in 1989 and has gone from strength to strength. Present in about 20 states, CMR has around 43 offices that provide roofing services. CMR is one of the few companies that offer assistance with filing insurance claims for roofs. The company provides both commercial and residential roof  and gutter repairs and maintenance. The company primarily aims to provide assistance to building owners that have suffered through natural disasters. You can find out the estimate of their services by filling out a comprehensive form on the company’s website.

Aspen contracting Inc
Aspen Contracting Inc is among the top roofing companies in the country. The company offers quality services for projects, including broken or damaged roofs, replacement or reinstallation of roofs, installation of side gutter, and installation of new roofs. Aspen is also known for using quality products, making it one of the most reliable roofing companies in the country.

Tecta America
One of the leading roofing companies in the country, Tecta America, is a team of professionals that ace at their jobs. The company offers roofing solutions like replacement, restoration, and installation of roofs for an extensive selection of commercials as well as residential properties. The company is well equipped with machinery and manpower to handle even multiple complex projects simultaneously. Tecta is located in more than 70 states. All you need to do is go online and locate a Tecta America office near you.

RoofConnect started its journey back in 2002. The company offers complete roof management, repair and restoration, green energy resolutions, emergency roof leak response, and re-roofing. The company also has an emergency response team that will get rid of snow and repair damaged roofs during the winters. Additionally, their connection with roof manufacturers gets you easy warranty repairs. This saves you money, as you only have to pay for the repairs not covered under warranty.

CentiMark Corporation provides emergency response, metal roofing, green roofing, preventive maintenance, and roof repairs. CentiMark Corporation also provides flooring  services under its flooring division named QuestMark. The company aims at protecting your property from water and other damages and serves across all major cities. It has over 80 offices that you can choose from and get a cost estimate for your project. The estimate is dependent on various factors, such as the quality and amount of material being used in the job.