Things to know when you buy a used motorhome

There are many upsides to buying to a used motorhome apart from the cost efficiency. While a good deal will pack in monetary saving, it also brings along the advantage of getting a fully equipped motorhome that only needs minimal stylistic changes. Compared to a buying a new motorhome, buying a used one enables the buyer to get one that has had a good run and therefore any possible glitches in the mechanical components have been fixed probably under warranty by the owner. Another perk is that instead of just ordering one of the shelves without having tested it can be risky especially when the buyer could have thought one thing and the reality is different. Instead of buying a newer model, buying a tried and trusted motorhome ensures that the motorhome is solid in terms of performance and reliability.

However, the downside is the motorhome is up for sale, which means there could be a certain level of compromise in quality. As a buyer, it is better to be prepared for the uninvited expenses, failing which the deal would only end up burning a hole in your pocket for a long time.

Here are pointers that could help you close a good deal on the motorhome of your choice and make sure it’s a worthy one:

  • Be ready to question and negotiate. Do not buy everything the seller states without checking the facts.
  • Check the overall appearance both internally and externally for dents or slashes, any cover-ups that are apparent or any damage that has been left untreated.
  • If the motorhome has odd stickers, question it as they could sometimes be hiding major problems.
  • Check the outer material to ensure that the thickness of the aluminum is appropriate, not too thick and not too thin.
  • Ask about the insurance, the warranty, maintenance-history sheet, and proof of the modifications done, in order to ensure that the quality of the vehicle has not been compromised at any point.
  • Most importantly, take a test drive on short rough patches and smooth roads to see the actual performance of the motorhome.