Stay connected with these Boost Mobile prepaid phone plans

Now that contract phones are out of the window, the choices for prepaid phone plans are more open and more affordable. When phones were available on contract, the buyer was trapped for 2 years with the same plan. Now with new phones out in market, carriers have also charted plans for every type of buyer.

Prepaid plans are very popular with students, visitors, and buyers who are not sure of their network quality and coverage. There are lots of reasons why buyers prefer prepaid options over other fixed plans. Boost Mobile’s new phones support both:– fixed plans as well as prepaid plans.

Prepaid plans from Boost Mobiles
Boost Mobile is a low-cost carrier that works on the Sprint network. It is one of the most sought-after MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). Boost Mobile’s new phones work with Sprint phones as well.

Boost prepaid plans are very flexible and can suit every buyer’s requirements. The prepaid plan varies from weekly to monthly with different rates.

  • Weekly plan: USD10 with unlimited calls, texting, and 1GB data per week. If taken for a month, turns out to be USD 40 a month.
  • Monthly plan:  This includes the following plans:
    • USD 30 with unlimited calls and texts for 3 GB data per month. Under this plan, the buyer gets an additional 1 GB data.
    • USD 40 with unlimited calling, texting, and 5 GB data per month. The buyer gets 1 GB every weekend, which is inclusive of the unlimited calls and texts to 10 select countries.
    • USD 50 with unlimited calls, texts, and 7GB data per month. An additional 1 GB data is given every weekend.

Moreover, apart from these plans, Boost Mobile’s new phone services have other plans like international roaming, mobile hotspot data plans, and phone insurance services.

These mobile plans are truly unlimited in every sense. There is no throttling once the user reaches his speed cap, which is very noteworthy. Since it runs on the Sprint network, the data does not slow down. Boost’s range of smartphones run on the Android operating system and uses CDMA technology.