How to take care of the hot spa tubs

Taking proper care of spa hot tubs is simple and essential to keep spa running well. Good maintenance of spa hot tubs demands regular cleaning of the cover as well as the filter of your spa. It is also important to check the chemical levels in the spa hot tub and to ensure that only the right chemicals are added in there. Regular attention and maintenance will make your hot tub clean and last longer. You can look for hot tubs on sale from popular online stores and get the best deals on same during the Black Friday sale!

Let us take a look at a few simple steps that will help you keep your spa hot tubs clean.

Always use test strips to evaluate chemical and mineral levels in the hot tub. It is best advised to adjust the spa hot tub chemical levels at least 1-2 times a week. These spa test strips are easily available at most department stores.

One should be very careful when using chemicals. It is advised not to add more than one chemical at a time. While adjusting hot tub chemical levels, ensure a gap of at least 2 hours before adding another chemical. The gap allows the substances to dissolve naturally and also increases their effectiveness.

Keep the spa hot tub cover off for a minimum of 15 minutes after a chemical has been added. Also, ensure that the hot tub water is running when the chemicals are added. This is essential to ensure that the jets in the hot tub mix the chemicals in the water.
It is important to keep a tab on the chemicals that are added to the spa hot tubs. Always pre-measure your chemicals to avoid any reactions.

Measure total alkalinity. Based on test reading (as suggested in the first point), add sodium bicarbonate or sodium bisulfate. Use spa test strips to check the level and ensure that it falls between 80-120 PPM in total alkalinity. If the alkalinity level is above 120, add spa down. However, if the test strip gives a figure that is below 60, you need to add spa up to reach the optimal level. It is crucial to maintain the alkalinity first as it affects your pH.