Hacks for saving money on Uber rides

The Uber application offers the convenience of flagging down a taxicab from your mobile phone. Uber has revolutionized the taxi business, allowing for the booking of a ride from the comfort of your home or office. Some of the advantages you experience while using the Uber application are as follows:

  • Getting a comfortable and secure ride
  • Being picked up right from your home or office
  • Keeping a track of your expenses on your credit card
  • Making a saving on your subsequent trip when you implement some Uber hacks

Uber charges can make a massive hit on your credit card; hence, the need to adopt some money-saving tips on your next Uber ride arises. There are several ways of saving money from your next ride, some of which are as follows:

Enjoy a discount for hailing an Uber ride on Facebook Messenger
Facebook has a partnership with Uber that enables Facebook users to hail an Uber ride in their messaging thread. First-time Uber users get a $20 credit in their account. To access this discount, connect your Uber application account onto the transport tab found on your installed Facebook messenger application.

Use promotional codes
Uber offers promotional codes of minimum $20 and coupons on their promotional page for new users. Access the page to collect coupons and codes that will be useful for your subsequent trips.

Provide feedback on Uber support
Do not hesitate to provide feedback on the Uber support page to report your dissatisfaction and request for reimbursement, as long as your complaint is valid. As long as you keep your email professional, you will earn some credit back, thereby making some saving.

Split your fare with friends
Uberpool and Uber’s Split Fare feature has enabled sharing of rides with friends while sharing costs as well. The Split Fare feature enables you to divide expenses among the group using the ride. With the submission of their names and phone number, the individuals will be notified and charged their amount for the ride.

So the next time you book a cab, remember these smart tips and save money while enjoying an “Uber”-comfortable ride.