Different types of truckers and their salaries

The trucking industry makes for a big part of every country’s economy, including ours. It helps create tons of job opportunities, commute tax, and accessibility. For businesses of every scale, small, medium, and big, a trucking system is one of the essential pillars of every business model. This article discusses the various types of truck driver jobs and what comes with the respective responsibilities.

Dry van truckers
Most truck drivers start with dry van trucking, as it is among the field’s most basic jobs. These types of vehicles carry dry foods and storage that have a longer shelf life. That said, this job involves long commutes. They mostly are rectangular trailers, hauling easy-to-carry packages. These truck drivers are not expected to unload their cargo. The annual average income of a dry van trucker is $52,000, while the top earners make $85,000 a year. These salaries could vary region-wise.

Tanker truckers
These types of truck drivers transport liquids, and this is one of the most difficult jobs in the trucking industry. However, it makes for one of the essential categories among other trucking jobs. The cargo these truck drivers carry may depend on their employer; they may carry hazardous or non-hazardous liquids. This job comes with an extended responsibility of reacting rationally in times of emergency. Tank drivers’ annual median salary is around $60,320, and top earners make $85,000 per year.

Flatbed truckers
These types of vehicles are different from tractor-trailers, and they also need cargo to be secured in a specific manner, which demands more knowledge than knowing how to drive. Flatbed trucks generally carry oversized freight, such as transport or military vehicles. The additional skills required in this job only mean that flatbed truckers are compensated better than other positions. That said, the median salary per year of a flatbed truck driver comes to around $62,407 and can be as high as $96,200 per year.

Refrigerated freight truckers
These drivers carry food, medical products, body products, and other types of perishable items, which is why they need to be refrigerated at a specific temperature, depending on the freight carried. Besides the required temperature, these types of goods also need to be appropriately stored for secure delivery. This job does come with slightly higher responsibility, and refrigerated freight drivers are paid $57,200 on an average and as high as $81,300 per year.

LTL truckers
This job refers to Less than Load cargo that carries small-sized shipments. Usually, containers are half-filled, so other shippers have room to ship their cargo. This trucking job involves short commutes with several stops, and the driver is expected to unload the containers. The median salary of an LTL truck driver estimates around $80,000 and goes as high as $132,773.

Local/regional truckers
This type of trucker’s job is similar to that of LTL truckers, in which they have to travel short distances with multiple halts. The drivers are expected to unload the shipments at every stop. The plus about this truck driver’s job is that they don’t have to spend days and weeks commuting instead of returning to base every night. These truckers are paid $54,862 as the median salary, and the highest they get is $75,000.

Hotshot truckers
These truck drivers drive around a semi-truck of class 3 or 5 that is attached to a trailer. This transport medium is expected to deliver goods as fast as possible and carry multiple loads per day. Hotshot truckers are paid $54,862 on average, and top earners make $75,000 annually.