8 healthy dinner recipes that can be made quickly

Nobody has the time or energy to cook a full dinner after a long and hard day at work. Here are some easy healthy recipes that do not soak up your couch time as they can be made within just 20 minutes:

  • Salmon with cauliflower rice and mango salsa
    Salmon is always the go-to food item, but when accompanied with mango salsa, you can’t stop drooling over your own culinary expertise. Salmon fillets can be made healthier if you replace butter with olive oil. Cauliflower rice will blend well with the other dishes.
  • Creamy lemon chicken pasta
    One can never go wrong with pasta. This creamy chicken with a dash of lemon and a ladleful of asparagus is sure to taste like a gourmet meal. This creamy lemon chicken pasta is an easy and healthy recipe which is tasty too.
  • Lettuce wraps with ahi tuna
    A full dinner or a refreshing appetizer, you can have it whichever way you want. Tuna in lettuce wraps is a perfect envelope for the fish and an ideal excuse for eating more. Alternatively, go for taco shells to compliment the tuna.
  • Grilled chicken burger with yogurt and sumac
    With or without the bun, the grilled chicken patty is filled with protein, veggies, and a dash of oats. Layered with a sauce made of non-fat Greek yogurt, mint, and sumac, this is an easy and healthy recipe for an awesome meal.
  • Steamed halibut in ginger and turmeric
    Steaming the exotic fish in a parchment paper along with a sprinkling of herbs makes this dish flavorful and desirable. Serve it with a creamy broccoli on the side and you are set to go.
  • Chicken honey nut stir-fry
    A whole gamut of healthy ingredients goes into the making of this stir-fry recipe. You have carrots, ginger root, skinless and boneless strips of chicken breast graced with a drizzle of honey.
  • Vegan hit with arugula and dried cranberries
    Multigrain sandwich bread chucks the traditional mayo and gets a makeover with the creamy avocado and chickpea spread. What more could you ask for in an easy healthy recipe?
  • Shrimp and broccoli stir-fry
    Stir-fry dishes are recommended for perfect dinners that are quick and easy to make. Broccoli is full of nutrients and canned shrimp saves time. For a change, you can also use any greens that you might have.

From great pasta, quick tacos to speedy stir-fries, anything can be converted into a healthy dinner when served with veggies, whole grains, and nuts.