5 popular non-Ivy League colleges that offer business administration degrees

Business administration degrees are one of the most sought-after university programs globally. Degrees for business administration courses are available at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. With a business administration degree, a person can work for a corporation or a bank or even start an independent business or a consultancy.

There are business administration degrees that broadly cover all aspects of business administration. These are for people who are interested in a career in business administration. Also, there are specialized certification courses for professionals who are already working in management and business roles. These courses are a step towards career progression. Here are 5 popular colleges (non-Ivy League) that offer business administration degrees:

California State University – Fullerton: Mihaylo College of Business and Economics under California State University has a bachelor’s program in business administration. Also, there is an MBA program that is a full-time program of 16 months and a flexible MBA program for working professionals. The flexible program can be taken up as full-time or part-time.

The University of Houston: The management department of this university has a bachelor’s as well as master’s program in business administration. MBA programs are available as full time, Professional, and Executive programs.

Georgetown University: They offer a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well MBA programs. The MBA proms can be enrolled on a full-time basis or if you are a professional with more than 8 years of experience, you can enroll in the Executive MBA program.

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs: This University offers the following courses: Bachelor of Science in Business with a focus on business administration, Bachelor of Innovation in Business, and MBA. The MBA course is available for working professionals who can take up evening classes or online classes as well as enroll in the part-time program.

Santa Clara University: This university offers three major business administration programs: Executive MBA, accelerated MBA, MBA for Emerging Professionals. SCU also offers an evening MBA program for those unable to enroll for full day-time classes.