5 innovative wedding invitation ideas that you should not miss

Wedding invitations are one of the first glimpses for your guests to see what’s in store for them on your wedding day. Wedding planners have been getting creative lately, as there is an abundance of ideas for wedding invitations out there. You can either choose one of them or notch up a level, getting creative by mixing these ideas and creating a personalized wedding invitation.

Here are some creative ideas that you can use to draft your own wedding invitation:

Using geography is both easy and creative to personalize a wedding invitation. The invitation can be drafted in the form of a map, highlighting where the wedding will take place. You can elaborate or keep the design minimal by keeping an illustrated map on one side and highlighting the accommodation details at the back of the invitation.

Mixed metals
Metallic themes have been popular in wedding invitations. Mixing metallic hues like gold, silver, and even bronze has been one of the trendiest ideas for both wedding stationers and planners. You can design the wedding invitation, the outer envelopes, and the reply cards by incorporating geometric facets and metallic designs of your choice.

Interlocking monograms
Monograms can add a classic touch to a wedding invitation. There are single or up to three-letter initials that can be used in a monogram. You can combine the design with a cursive or bold font with or without an icon or any imagery. A monogram can be bold, decorative, or letter-pressed interlocked in a decorated frame. You can mix the style with a metallic theme, as mentioned above, by embossing the couple’s name in gold or silver.

These types of wedding invitations have been popular between couples and wedding stationers. A watercolor wedding invitation can include a painting of the wedding venue or imagery reflecting the wedding destination. You can also use watercolor for the borders on the card and highlight the location of the wedding with matching insert cards.

What can be more stunning than colorful blooms? The answer is leaves and greenery. From large and bold palms to thin and narrow leaves, this style lets you choose from a wide range of leaf silhouettes. You can design a flat card with bright green borders and mix them with a watercolor theme, as mentioned earlier.

Wedding invitation sites such as minted.com, mixbook.com, zazzle.com, and paperlesspost.com have a plethora of ideas that are inspired by the styles mentioned here. You can use these ideas and also incorporate your own to create a customized wedding invitation for your guests.