4 ways to bag cheap deals on self-storage units

Self-storage units can be an expensive investment. Which is why you need to think twice before renting one. These rentals can be great if you are moving, putting away valuables such as antique cars, or storing equipment and paperwork for business. On the other hand, if you are just getting one for hoarding items that you will eventually throw away, we’d suggest you scrap the plan.

Although if you need one, you have to be very careful before signing up with a business. This is because you could end up spending roughly $1,000 every year. Pretty steep, right? In this article, we’ll discuss ways that can help you avoid this very situation.

Compare prices
The best way to find cheap self-storage units is to shop around. Comparing quotes as well as features of a service can make it easier to choose the right option. The simplest way to check current prices is to take a look at the comparison platforms online. Comparison shopping can also help you prepare to negotiate better and bag offers on cheap self-storage units.

Not every self-storage facility will negotiate but it is always smart to haggle. If they don’t lower the monthly fees, you can always ask for perks such as discounts on moving truck rentals, free boxes or storage locks. Likewise, you could also find offers on cheap self-storage unit deals online. However, ensure that you carefully peruse the terms and conditions before making any payments. Some facilities might also cut you a deal if you can get a friend to rent a place along with you.

Pay attention to the asterisks
It’s very common for storage rent facilities to increase the rent every year according to the latest industry standards. So, even if you land a cheap self-storage unit, discuss such possible surges in the future before saying yes. Similarly, ensure that you will be notified by the facility before they automatically begin charging you with the revised rates.

Enquire for any additional costs
Typically, the facility will charge a security deposit and a one-time admin fee approximately between $15 and $25 which is used to set-up your tenant account and paperwork procedure. However, there might be hidden expenses such as electricity and dumpster costs added to your monthly fees. Therefore, make sure you question the provider for such extra costs before you commit.