4 popular low-interest auto loan lenders for bad credit

Many are often left with poor credit due to difficult financial situations. For such people, options are quite limited if they are on a lookout for an auto loan. However, there are multiple financing options and low-interest auto loan lenders for bad credit. Here are some of the most popular picks for bad credit car loans.

  • Capital One: One of the most popular low-interest auto loan lenders for bad credit, Capital One has nearly 12,000 dealers that accept its financing. The bank also offers competitive interest rates along with extensive buyer education resources. Capital One’s website has an Auto Navigator® tool that can be used to get pre-approved loans and even compare car payments on some vehicles. Moreover, the bank’s policies on used cars are quite liberal; to be eligible for financing, used cars should not be older than 10 years and should have less than 120,000 miles.
  • Auto Credit Express: For those with bad credit, Auto Credit Express offers a wide range of auto loan options that lead to lower interest rates. While most lenders automatically reject a loan request for an older, high-mileage car, this is not the case with Auto Credit Express. Even if a potential lender has gone through a bankruptcy, Auto Credit Express will aid. Since the lender works with traditional dealers and special finance dealers who take on buyers with low credit scores, Auto Credit Express can be a good option for low-interest auto loans. The only condition applicable in most cases for low-interest auto loans is that the borrower’s monthly gross income should be at least between $1,500 and $1,800.
  • Wells Fargo: Similar to Capital One, Wells Fargo is also one of the biggest lenders of car loans for bad credit. The bank approves loans for used cars, new cars as well as lease buyouts and private-seller purchases. Potential borrowers can apply for loans through online account management or visit one of the branches of Wells Fargo. There are nearly 6,000 branches nationwide.
  • CarsDirect: Although CarsDirect is more of a car-buying service provider, it has a portal that helps you get the right auto loan. Additionally, the portal provides extensive buyer information along with loan calculator, trade-in-value calculator, and helpful articles on car loans and buying strategies. CarsDirect does not have a maximum or minimum limit on the loan amount; so it is quite suitable for applying for loans on older and used cars.