4 great reasons to get the Amazon Cloud Cam today

There is an ever-increasing toll in the number of home burglary and more. Leaving your home unattended in your absence brings along great risk. However, the good news is that technology is transcending, and you now have access to several devices that act as a watchdog. One of the most impressive devices to catch the attention of the masses is the Amazon Cloud Cam. The Cloud Cam is an excellent device that is an in-house security device built to record happenings around your home. Still wondering whether you should get this security camera, here are a few reasons:

Don’t miss a moment
It can be challenging to keep track of moments at home when you are out. However, the Cloud Cam is packed with features that keep you notified about the smallest movement in your home. The app lets you receive push notifications, allowing you to keep tab of activity in your home from anywhere.

Alerts that matter 
The Amazon Cloud Cam employs a motion detection technology, this means that you only get alerts when the cameras detect motion around your home. You can also opt for advanced features by subscribing to its monthly or yearly plans.

Keep in touch 
A great feature, the Amazon cloud Cam comes with a built-in mic and speaker. You can use the two-way audio to stay connected with your household. You can check in or just say hello using the Cloud Cam App when your family members need help.

Watch the last 24 hours of movement 
Not just live streaming, the Amazon Cloud Cam stores and lets you watch clips for up to 24 hours. With upgrade options, you can also choose from additional storage and intelligent alerts like person detection.

If you have been stressing about your home’s security for a while, the Amazon Cloud Cam can serve you well.