4 feature-packed tools for monitoring social media

Today, no business can solely function on word of mouth. To build and emerge as one a top brand, you need to employ certain tools on the digital domain and tap into the rich vein of social media. The bigger your brand’s presence on social media, the better will be your advertising and brand prospects, period! To enable such momentum, these four social media monitoring and engagement tools are the most beneficial for your brand.

Hootsuite’s social media monitoring tools and platforms are extremely comprehensive. Its user-friendly interface lets you do everything from creating content to sharing on multiple social media sites. Hootsuite also features an array of publishing features to schedule posts across various platforms. You can easily monitor all the buzz that your posts generate. Moreover, you can schedule upcoming content, collaborate with all contributors in real time, and plan campaigns on the basis of the data collected by monitoring tools. With Hootsuite’s platform, your brand can actively interact with users across multiple social networks. Using Hootsuite’s tools, you can even boost your social reach, stay on top of current trends, plan strategies, analyze return on investment, and optimize your advertising strategy as per the planned budget.

SproutSocial boasts excellent automation features over customized workflows to monitor all social messages and traffic on a single platform. Key features of SproutSocial’s engagement tools include a smart inbox, message spike alerts, review management, bot builder, task assignment, message tagging, social CRM, team reports, and seamless integrations with ecommerce tools. Using the platform’s social listening tools, you can uncover current trends and critical insights about how your brand is performing, integrate popular social media sites, and seamlessly monitor all posts from one place. SproutSocial lets you analyze both positive and negative responses to understand the current chatter and traffic. You can even effectively engage with audiences and influencers to gain valuable feedback. SproutSocial’s core features include tools for audience analysis, customer feedback, consumer reach, influencer recognition, sentiment research, campaign analysis, competitor comparison, and trend identification.

Zoho Social
Using Zoho’s social medial monitoring tools, you can build a phenomenal brand presence. Its all-in-one platform lets you schedule posts using a publishing calendar and efficiently manage content queues. Zoho’s monitoring tools feature a listening dashboard for tracking traffic across scheduled posts, monitoring live stream of social engagements, and directly replying to posts that your brand must engage in to maintain a digital presence. Collaboration is also easy with exclusive tools to define your content workflow and organize team discussions. The software can additionally assign roles and permissions to use all inbuilt social media monitoring tools effectively. Monitoring is incomplete without analysis, and that is where Zoho Social helps generate key stats and run analytics, prepare custom data reports, and schedule the delivery of these reports.

Social medial monitoring tools help you listen to what is being said about the brand and its products and/or services and helps understand how an advertising campaign can fare. Talkwalker’s listening tools can track and cover over 187 languages, monitor over 150 million websites, and track social chatter across 10 of the most popular websites and apps. Innovative tools on Talkwalker’s platform include image recognition, trending score analysis, sentiment tracking, indexing and tracking across all forms of media, and exploring all data reports for social analytics. For real-time monitoring, Talkwalker also lets you add and combined social media data, use custom filters, engage with intuitive IQ apps, and track influencer analytics.