3 best eyeshadow techniques to get the pro look

Eye makeup can liven up your overall look. No matter where you are headed, it is important that your eye makeup stands out and takes center stage. Moreover, getting the right eye makeup can take your makeup game to another level. Eyeshadow is a pivotal part of eye makeup and thus, mastering the perfect techniques is essential. Here are the five best eyeshadow techniques that will let you explore your eyeshadow palette and make you a pro at it.

It is all about the base
To get your eyeshadow technique right, you must begin by preparing the eye area for the color. Clean the area around the eye and apply a moisturizer or eye cream. Layer the eye area with an eye primer that makes it long last and gives an overall seamless finish. Complete the base with a concealer for a creaseless look.

Perfect blend of colors
The next step involved in the best eyeshadow technique comprises the color palette. Consider the shape of your eye and decide on the perfect shade or texture to use. Enhance your look by using shimmer textures on the eyelids and continue with matte finish shades on the brow bone. The eyeshadow technique of even application should be applied for added intensity. Try to keep your eyes open instead of closed and use clean eyeshadow brushes for the best transition. Also, use darker shades of eyeshadow around the crease area to define the shape of the eye. The secret of eyeshadow application lies in blending the colors well.

Choosing the right formula
Picking the right formula that works best for you is necessary. Eyeshadow is available in different forms such as powder, pressed form and cream. The eyeshadow types you choose will impact the technique you must use. Typically, most beginners are more comfortable with the powder form eyeshadow.

Applying eye makeup and getting used to the perfect eyeshadow techniques will take a lot of time and patience. However, after a few times of application, the entire process becomes easy. It is normal to be intimidated in the beginning, however, a little practice and you will be a pro!